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how the rich are scamming the poor

these gurus  arescaming  the poor. they  do not  make  money   by   the program   they  promote they make money by buying  ad  placements   that  have impact   they hire    the  prosessionals to  run
 their programs period.

paano magkabahay ng walang pera

paano   magkabahay    ng  walang  bayad?
step 1.   mag  aral  ng  bibliya-  www.bit/ly/cholamission
step 2. kunin   ang librenng  pera
step 3. do  daily  mission  in  the site until  you have about 1200 pesos
step 4.  make a paypal  account
step 5 cash out  your  money   at coins ph  by lbc
step6  open   a   send  and swipe  card  at lbc fund   1,250.00 pesos on it

step 7 link send        and swipe card  to paypal
step 8. invest 1200 here
step 9. teach  24 people to  do the makes  you 50 million pesos to  buy  your own  house.
kindly share   to  help  others  too!